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Haiti Aided by the American Red Cross, and Technology

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

In just 2 days the American Red Cross was able to raise $5 million through their mobile fund raising initiative in order to help earthquake relief efforts in the country of Haiti. “Raising this amount of money, $10 at time, is a true testament to the American spirit,” said Susan Watson, director of marketing and visibility for the Red Cross. The American Red Cross also showed its own spirit by initially pledging $1 million to support Haitian relief.

Without the worry of making a long-term commitment to the American Red Cross, individuals are able to make a $10 donation via a cell phone text message. The donation is simply charged to the donor’s cell phone bill and he or she never even has to leave the comfort of their own home. Many people react immediately when a disaster strikes, and the ability to text donations, with no need to call a hotline or browse a website for information, is instant and satisfying.

By creating the text message campaign the Red Cross made it quick, easy, and convenient for people to make a small yet significant difference. According to the organization the $10 donation provides a first aid kit equipped with enough ointment and bandages for one of their responders to treat 15-20 injured earthquake survivors, or can provide a family with two water cans to store clean drinking water, basic first aid supplies or a blanket appropriate to the climate.

While in the past large funds have been raised for relief efforts through different means, the fast and easy text message campaign has proven to work effectively in today’s technologically driven world. In the future such electronic efforts could also help to decrease the use of certain materials, such as paper used for in-person or mailed donations, and yet would still raise funding much faster than traditional methods.

Not only can your cell phone provide aid to the American Red Cross’s efforts through text message, but also through recycling. Old cell phones that no longer have texting capabilities still have value to us. Donate them through Recycling for Charities to easily help raise funds for the American Red Cross.

Kodak Partners with Recycling for Charities

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Recycling for Charities has the privilege of announcing their partnership with Kodak in a joint effort to reduce electronic waste. Kodak will be sporting the Recycling for Charities logo on the front of their latest Kodak EasyShare M320 digital camera bundles. “This partnership is a testament to the benefit we provide as a charity and good corporate citizenship on the part of Kodak,” stated Dario Chiarini, President of Recycling for Charities. The new camera packages will make it as simple as possible for people to donate to charities. The outside will boast of the RFC connection and the inside will provide consumers with the paid postage label and the 3 easy steps to take.


The Cell Phone Recycling Process

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Have you ever wondered what happened to your old cell phone when you chose to recycle it?  This video outlines the path of a cell phone as it is broken down and its hazardous components are prepared for usage in other devices.

Recycling on Earth Day 2009

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

This earth day in 2009 marks the will mark the beginning of The Green Generation CampaignTM which will also be the focus of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2010. With negotiations for a new global climate agreement coming up in December, Earth Day 2009 must be a day of action and civic participation, to defend The Green Generation™’s core principles: Family with windmills: Renewable energy for future generations.

  • A carbon-free future based on renewable energy that will end our common dependency on fossil fuels, including coal.
  • A global recognition of water bottle plastic recycling standards.
  • Standards in which consumers will have an outlet to recycle common items that are a part of their life, like cell phones and iPods with charities like Recycling for Charities.

  • An individual’s commitment to responsible, sustainable consumption.
  • Creation of a new green economy that lifts people out of poverty by creating millions of quality green jobs and transforms the global education system into a green one.

Under the umbrella of The Green GenerationTM, thousands of events are currently being planned in schools, communities, villages, towns and cities around the world. As in 2008, on April 19th Earth Day Network will celebrate Earth Day on the National Mall in Washington, DC, plus large-scale volunteer events in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Atlanta, and DC in partnership with Green Apple Festival . We want to make Earth Day a time for meaningful change, so sign up to restore and give back to the community! And after you’re done giving back, celebrate with a free “thank you” concert for all our volunteers!

Our partners in Cleveland, Columbus, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Beijing, and Manila, among others, are planning large events where everyone can participate. Recycling for Charities will have a recycling drive ongoing on their website where consumers can donate and receive a tax deduction. We will also be apart of Royal Oak, MI Earth Weekend event April 24th on Main St.

Find an Earth Day event or activity near you!

Wireless Cell Phone Recycling Facts

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
  • Over 70% of Americans do not know that they can recycle their old cell phone.
  • Less than 5% of obsolete cell phones are refurbished or recycled.
  • In a recent survey, only 2.3% of Americans recycled their old cell phones.
  • Cell phone manufacturers and service providers have voluntarily implemented recycling programs and recognize that retail “take-back” of old phones represents the lowest cost and most convenient recycling model.
  • Unfortunately, these programs are not well advertised and inconsistent. Only a fraction of retail cell phone outlets are currently providing their customers with recycling options.
  • Of those who turned in their old cell phone to their service provider, only 18% were offered recycling as an option.
  • Surveys suggest that 90% of Americans would recycle their cell phone if there was a convenient drop-off location at a store near them.

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