Phone Recycling Fundraiser Programs

Recycling for Charities Can Help With Your Fundraising Needs - Environmentally Friendly!

Fundraising is a tried and true method that has been in use for years.  Church groups, youth groups, and other nonprofit organizations often rely on fundraising as a main source of revenue.

Recycling cell phones and electronic devices is a new method of fundraising that can quickly raise money as well as protect the environment.

Phone Recycling Fundraiser Application

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By submitting this form I understand Recycling for charities has the right to deny any items that may be collected from any programs and return the unused items to the organization or recycle them without any compensation to benefit any charity. Furthermore I understand that Recycling for Charities has the right to discontinue their program at any time without notice. I understand that Recycling for Charities will issue a check for the items collected the following month on the 15th for items received the previous calendar month. By Submitting this application I agree to the terms and conditions set-forth by Recycling for Charities that applies to their program as seen and updated on the Recycling for Charities website.

Below are sample Microsoft Word documents to download that help you announce and support your recycling fundraiser.


RFC PRogram Application Recycling for Charities Program Application - Fill out and fax back this application to get started with our recycling program.

RFC Information Sheet Recycling for Charities Information Sheet - This is an informational document that explains in depth the benefits of our program and why everyone should become involved.

RFC Sample Press Release Recycling for Charities Sample Press Release - Use our sample press release to use - simply fill in the blanks with your information and submit to your local media and online at free press release sites.

RFC E-Waste Elements Article Recycling for Charities Dangerous Wireless Elements - A great article on the elements found in many wireless products and their dangers and effects.

RFC Shipping Label Recycling for Charities Mailing Label - Print out this shipping label and affix it to the outside of your donation package.

RFC Shipping Label Recycling for Charities Donation Drive Poster (8.5"x11") - Personalize and print this poster for your donation drive.