About Recycling for Charities

Helping to preserve the environment for the generations of the future is an important responsibility for which everyone should be held accountable. The electronic waste from pagers, cell phones, PDA’s and digital cameras continues to increase each day, and this waste poses a serious threat to the environment.  Unfortunately, until recently, legitimate wireless recycling programs have been few and far between.

Where RFC Helps
Recycling for Charities is a Recycling Organization that allows individuals an opportunity to recycle cellular phones, PDA’s, Palm Pilots, digital cameras, and iPods for value that is then donated to the charity of their choice.  Not only is RFC acting as a medium to raise funds for charities, but the organization helps individuals protect the environment as well. 

For each wireless electronic donation provided, RFC contributes a minimum of $.25 to the foundation or cause selected by the donator*. (learn more about donations) Recycling is beneficial for charities and the environment! When you make a wireless donation, everyone benefits! Donate Online Now

E-Waste Recycling Programs

Commitment to You
Recycling for Charities is committed to recycling mobile phones and wireless gadgets properly. We strive to recycle or refurbish as many of the units we receive as possible. RFC assures you that all electronic waste collected are handled responsibly. The well being of the environment is our primary concern. 

We work with an authorized system for the acceptance, collection, reuse and recycling or proper disposal of used cell phones, electronic gadgets, PDA's, iPods, iPhones. iPads and Digital Cameras.

RFC can provide retail mechanisms for the return, reuse, recycling, or proper disposal of used cell phones if the cell phone is delivered directly to a consumer

The take-back of a used cell phone from a consumer who is purchasing a new cellular phone

The creation and maintenance of public education to promote the recovery, reuse, and recycling or proper disposal of used cell phones

Support reuse as the highest form of recycling

No off-shore exporting of scrap, No prison or third-world labor

Uphold 100% landfill diversion

E-Waste Recycling

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We invite you to learn more about wireless recycling by reading through our site. ( Read a newspaper article on our founders here ) Keep in mind that we also do fundraising recycling and corporate events. Recycling for Charities - helping others while helping the environment.

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