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Mobile Device Recycling Option Available to BART System Riders

Friday, January 30th, 2009

If you live in the San Francisco area or ride the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transportation) system, cell phone recycling just got a whole lot easier:

LG Mobile Phones has joined forces with BART, of the San Francisco Bay Area, to redefine convenience in mobile device recycling. Kicking off on June 8, LG is outfitting six BART stations (Civic Center, Powell Street, Montgomery Street, Embarcadero, Oakland City Center/12 Street, and Dublin/Pleasanton) with recycling receptacles, encouraging routine customers to drop off their mobile phones, chargers and accessories, from any manufacturer. Commuters can also receive a prepaid mailer online or through “Txt to Recycle,” an additional component to LG’s green initiatives, and easily recycle their unused or old mobile phones. The program is one of many initiatives in LG’s ecoMobilization program to inspire people to make a difference.

For those of you who are not residents of the San Francisco Bay Area or who do not ride on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, you can still recycle your cell phone!
Donate your cell phone to Recycling For Charities by simply printing out the shipping label and tax donation forms directly from our Recycling For Charities website . Affix the label to your box, pack your collected donations for shipment, and receive your tax deduction while the charity of your choice receives your donation!

The Green School Initiative

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Take a minute to think about a Green School Initiative:

“Sit back, close your eyes and imagine for a moment a truly healthy and sustainable school or school district. Imagine if all our schools were to strive to be toxic-free, making choices about chemical use that employ a precautionary approach aimed to prevent harm to children’s health. Imagine if US schools were geared to minimize their impacts on the local and global environment; imagine schools that generate their own energy, conserve water, are built with ecologically sound materials, reduce their overall resource consumption, reuse as many resources as possible, recycle the rest, and beyond that, purchase recycled paper, along with classroom and office supplies. Imagine schools that serve organic lunches produced by local farmers, and, in some cases by their own gardens. Imagine schools that engage the students in this transformation, using their healthy buildings, green school grounds and nutritious food as a grand teachable moment a hands-on, place based pedagogy that fosters an ecologically literate and engaged generation, and meets (now imagine this) new national and state environmental education standards.”

You may be wondering to yourself, is that possible? The truth is: this is entirely possible and many schools throughout the United States have jumped at the chance to create an eco-friendly learning environment for their students. Be sure to support federal movements towards the greening of schools.

You can also take the opportunity to be proactive and take your own steps by starting the greening of your school today!
Here are seven easy steps you can take to Green your School:
1) Establish A Green Team or Eco-Committee
2) Adopt An Environmental Vision Statement or Planet Pledge
3) Conduct A School Environmental Survey or Audit
4) Create A Green School Action Plan
5) Monitor and Evaluate Progress
6) Integrate Greening into the Curriculum
7) Inform, Involve, and Celebrate!

Set Sail on the U.S.S. Pop Bottle?!?

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

That’s exactly what sailor David de Rothschild has decided to do. In a 60-foot catamaran made approximately 12,000 recycled two liter soda bottles. Did you know that Americans purchase roughly 22 billion bottles a year?!

De Rothschild, the 31 year old British Environmentalist, (not to mention one of Britain’s best looking Bachelors, ladies) had decided that he wanted to sail from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. His goal? To take on this 10,000-mile mission, which should take about 100 days, to bring international attention to global waste. The crew plans to head straight for the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, ever heard of it? Me either, but it’s basically a “trash vortex” of accumulated plastic waste estimated to cover an area twice the size of Texas and extend hundreds of feet beneath the water’s surface. If you want to learn more about the world’s largest landfill check out

De Rothschild’s intent is not to make plastic the bad guy, but to include it in the solution. Plastic can be reused and recycled in multiple ways, and you might as well since according to it takes plastic bottles over 700 years to decompose in a landfill.
The Plastiki is still in the works, but the ship is scheduled to set sail from Pier 31 of San Francisco and should take about 14 days to reach Sydney, Australia. The architects and designers have had an extremely difficult time perfecting their creation of sustainable properties and groundbreaking ideas but they aren’t discouraged yet. They are hoping to get off the dock in the summer of 2010.

Take a look at the journey of the aptly named Plastiki by checking out their website.

Lollapalooza Goes Green

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Over the weekend, I was in Chicago and could not help but notice all of the advertisements showcasing Lollapalooza.  Once I arrived home, I immediately logged online to see if I could find out more information from their website and I noticed a tab entitled “Green Lolla.”   Under this tab I found that Lolla officials are implementing eco-friendly measures during the concert series that will take place in Chicago’s Grant Park from August 7-9.  Here’s a list of all the steps they’re taking:

1) Green Street will be lined with eco-friendly vendors; supporting earth-friendly, sustainable, and fair trade practices.

2) The Rock and Recycle Program will be underway; participate in a number of different eco-friendly activities and receive stamps on your Green Card (you can tear your Green Card out of your free commemorative Lolla program) for your good deeds. Once you have 3 stamps you become eligible to win a new 2010 Honda Insight.

3) At the Honda Eco Zone, views of the new 2010 Honda Insight hybrid car technology will be available to attendees.

4) Attendees can off-set their carbon foot prints by buying a $5 Lollapalooza BeGreen Fan Tag that will offset the impacts of their festival travels.

5) Attendees can pose with “Schlumpy,” an 8-foot ball made entirely of plastic bags.  Schlumpy is a part of the “Billion Bag Pledge ” that encourages people to use 1 billion fewer plastic bags.

The day when concert series were environmental nightmares has passed and Lolla leading the way in implementing eco-friendly practices into their productions.  Support these efforts to ensure a greener tomorrow!

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