Who Recycling for Charities Benefits

Recycling Wireless Cell Phones Benefits the Earth

The Earth, Our Children - Everyone Benefits From Recycling for Charities

Who really benefits when you donate your old, unwanted cell phone, PDA, Mobile PocketPC, iPod or digital camera? Simply put, everyone benefits from charity phone recycling donations and wireless recycling!

Since we are all interdependent on the well being of the environment and each other, everyone benefits when landfills and ecosystems stay free of electronic waste. By keeping toxins out of the environment, we are protecting wildlife and our children from unsafe exposure to harmful chemicals.

Keep the Earth Clean for our Childern

What sets Recycling for Charities apart is the fact that we help protect the environment and your donations also provide funds for the charitable cause of your choice. The money received by your charity is used to improve the lives of people in our community.

We encourage you to get started today. It's free, it's easy and recycling cell phones helps everyone!

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