Frequently Asked Wireless Recycling Questions

How much will be paid to my selected charity for every item I donate?
Depending on the model and condition of each item we will donate a % of market value for every item to be refurbished, and a flat donation amount for every item that is recycled. Due to the changing conditions of our vendors, markets and pricing, these amounts change from week to week. The following represents our normal payout schedule:

We do promise that every donation is fair, and you can be rest assured that funding for every donation is being received by your selected charities.

What types of mobile wireless phones can be donated?
All makes and models of cellular phones are welcomed. Working condition is not an issue. Our primary goal is simply diverting these devices from ending up in landfills where they can harm the environment. That is why we accept all cell phones in all conditions.

What about my wireless phone's charger and other accessories?
Recycling for Charities accepts the wireless mobile phone itself and its corresponding battery. At this time we do not make any donation for accessories received, however we will dispose of them in a environmentally friendly way.

What types of PDA's, Palm Pilots, iPods and digital cameras can be donated?
As with cell phones, Recycling for Charities accepts all makes and models of PDA's, Palm Pilots and digital cameras. Working condition does not matter.

What does RFC do with the items once they receive them? Can I be sure that they are not going in to landfills?
Once we receive your items we check them in and compare with a "want list" from a number of our qualified vendors who buy these items from RFC. We sort, group and determine if one vendor will yield the highest buy price from RFC or if another channel such as a auction will return a larger amount of money. Once sold we ship these items off to the buyer and when payment is received split the profit with the benefiting charity of each item sold.

The EPA states that the first form of recycling is reuse. With this in mind RFC will make every attempt to recycle each item in to the hands of a vendor or individual who will reuse or refurbish and then resell or reuse the donated wireless product. When this is not the logical choice, RFC will then have each item broken down, separated and their properties smelted. These compounds are then resold and reused by manufactures to produce new consumer products. No items will end up in a landfill that crosses the hands of Recycling for Charities.

Is there any cost involved in regard to participation in the program?
Absolutely not. Recycling for Charities is a free service focused on protecting the environment and helping worthwhile causes.

If I submit donations on a continual basis, how often will I be paid?
Our collection cycle operates on a monthly basis. Whatever donations we receive from the first to the last of a given month are credited for that month. Payment is then made on the 15th of the following month and mailed the following day, upon receipt expect 30 days out*. Please allow three to seven days for delivery once mailed.

Does Recycling for Charities pay for shipping of my donation?
At the current time RFC does not pay or reimburse for shipping of donated items. Special shipping accommodations can be made with our partners if your donation amount is in excess of 50 items. Please contact us for more information.

Who may participate in the Recycling for Charities program?
Practically everyone. The Recycling for Charities program is open to any person, corporation or government group wishing to donate used cell phones, PDA's and digital cameras. Fundraising is open to organizations, charities, schools, businesses, churches or any other group looking to raise funds. Anyone who has an old cell phone, PDA, Palm Pilot or digital camera and wants to dispose of it responsibly while benefiting his or her favorite charity is welcome to participate!

Will my charity receive a check every month?
Yes, as long as your donations are above $25 in a month. Otherwise the donations will continue to accumulate until your organization receives at least $25 in donations, then a check will be sent.

Do you take computers?
No, but your local Goodwill is a good place for donation of computers.

Is there any chance that I will get phone bills after donating my phone?
Absolutely not, so long as you deactivate the service before you donate the phone. Recycling for Charities cannot be responsible for any activated phones that are donated. Furthermore, Recycling for Charities cannot locate and send back any donated item. However, the recycling and refurbishment processes requires the erasing of all memory and software from your phone.

Do I need to worry about airtime if I donate my phone and it is still activated by mistake?
Please take all the steps necessary to make sure your cell phone is deactivated. We can not return any wireless products for recycling once they are donated.

What if I forget to delete or export out all my phone numbers, contacts and other personal information? Can I get this information sent back to me?
Please take all the steps necessary to make sure your cell phone is deactivated and that your address book is cleared out. All phones are electronically "wiped clean" of all their data once received. Likewise, we cannot return any wireless products for recycling once they are donated.