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Benjamin Gott Proves Boxed Water is Better

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Check out the transcript of RFC’s conversation with Benjamin Gott.

Back in late September we wrote a blog featuring Boxed Water is Better, a water company that takes a more environmental approach than your traditional bottled water company. Boxed Water is Better is a company based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan that distributes water in cartons oppose to plastic bottles. The concept derives from the environmental issues that are caused by the overwhelming amount of plastic bottles entering landfills.

We were lucky enough to get in touch with the founder and designer of Boxed Water is Better, Benjamin Gott. He agreed to be a guest on our Recycling for Charities Podcast Radio Show to sit down and answer all of our questions about Boxed Water is Better.
Benjamin Gott

It all started with a simple idea of creating a new bottled water brand. Sounds simple right? Well Gott didn’t want it to be just like every other brand. He wanted one that was kinder to the environment and also gives back at the same time. His solution was instead of packaging water in a plastic bottle he would bring back the old school carton and use that instead. Hence, the name Boxed Water is Better.


Go Boxed instead of Bottled!

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Let’s drink out of something better! Bottled water has turned out to be a big mistake. It releases plastic toxins into the water, increases disposable waste and ironically the same as tap water. Let’s face it, bottled water only benefits on-the-go convince.

Thanks to a Grand Rapids based distribution company we can start going old school by drinking water out of milk cartons. What a concept! It’s what Boxed Water calls simple, sustainable and beautiful. So why is it better? The answer is because it makes sense.

Here’s how it works. Boxed Water saves space by shipping their boxes flat to a filler, which is more efficient compared to shipping empty plastic or glass bottles. The cartons are 85 percent renewable and do not release “plastic poisons” into the drinking water. Boxed water gives back to the resources they use by donating 20 percent of their profit to world water relief and reforestation foundations.

Boxed Water isn’t perfect, but its better! When you drink bottled water you’re taking a risk and damaging the earth, but with boxed water you’re helping the planet and the future of your health.

If we start drinking water that makes sense and is actually better, maybe Boxed Water will be the new bottled water trend!

For more information check out Boxed Water!

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