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The Jacket of the Future

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Technology is advancing daily, but how far can it really go? Some say it’s close to reaching its limit, while others believe today’s technology is only the beginning.

If we date back to the history of music outlets we will find a long line of advances. We’ve gone through the age of records, radios, 8 tracks, tapes, CDs, MP3 players, Sirius radio, and now music that can be played off of our own phones. What could be next?

Well, Zegna Sports has opened the closet doors to the newest technical enhancement in clothing. This energy efficient organization has designed an Eco-tech Solar Jacket that combines recycled innovation with solar technology to produce a high performance apparel. The green product guarantees protection against wind and rain, while sustaining a constant body temperature. Zegna Sports has incorporated a detachable solar cell system in the sleeves that converts sunlight into renewable energy. Its made from 100 % recycled materials and has renewable power source hidden in its pocket that can charge a hand-held communication device.

Now you might be asking yourself what’s the catch. Does it look like it is from outer space? How long does it need to be in the sunlight to work and how do I wash it? Well, the good news is that it looks just like a normal male jacket and only takes 4-5 hours to charge. The solar panels are detachable so it can be washed and be charged without having to wear it!

Can you imagine a world where people walked around with designer clothing made from used materials and supplies natural power? The Discovery channel must see the potential in the product, because they are highlighting Zegna Sports on their new television series called Green Magazine TV. The show showcases some of the newest and “greenest technologies being utilized by the most energy efficient organizations in the world.

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Set Sail on the U.S.S. Pop Bottle?!?

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

That’s exactly what sailor David de Rothschild has decided to do. In a 60-foot catamaran made approximately 12,000 recycled two liter soda bottles. Did you know that Americans purchase roughly 22 billion bottles a year?!

De Rothschild, the 31 year old British Environmentalist, (not to mention one of Britain’s best looking Bachelors, ladies) had decided that he wanted to sail from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. His goal? To take on this 10,000-mile mission, which should take about 100 days, to bring international attention to global waste. The crew plans to head straight for the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, ever heard of it? Me either, but it’s basically a “trash vortex” of accumulated plastic waste estimated to cover an area twice the size of Texas and extend hundreds of feet beneath the water’s surface. If you want to learn more about the world’s largest landfill check out

De Rothschild’s intent is not to make plastic the bad guy, but to include it in the solution. Plastic can be reused and recycled in multiple ways, and you might as well since according to it takes plastic bottles over 700 years to decompose in a landfill.
The Plastiki is still in the works, but the ship is scheduled to set sail from Pier 31 of San Francisco and should take about 14 days to reach Sydney, Australia. The architects and designers have had an extremely difficult time perfecting their creation of sustainable properties and groundbreaking ideas but they aren’t discouraged yet. They are hoping to get off the dock in the summer of 2010.

Take a look at the journey of the aptly named Plastiki by checking out their website.

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