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Lollapalooza Goes Green

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Over the weekend, I was in Chicago and could not help but notice all of the advertisements showcasing Lollapalooza.  Once I arrived home, I immediately logged online to see if I could find out more information from their website and I noticed a tab entitled “Green Lolla.”   Under this tab I found that Lolla officials are implementing eco-friendly measures during the concert series that will take place in Chicago’s Grant Park from August 7-9.  Here’s a list of all the steps they’re taking:

1) Green Street will be lined with eco-friendly vendors; supporting earth-friendly, sustainable, and fair trade practices.

2) The Rock and Recycle Program will be underway; participate in a number of different eco-friendly activities and receive stamps on your Green Card (you can tear your Green Card out of your free commemorative Lolla program) for your good deeds. Once you have 3 stamps you become eligible to win a new 2010 Honda Insight.

3) At the Honda Eco Zone, views of the new 2010 Honda Insight hybrid car technology will be available to attendees.

4) Attendees can off-set their carbon foot prints by buying a $5 Lollapalooza BeGreen Fan Tag that will offset the impacts of their festival travels.

5) Attendees can pose with “Schlumpy,” an 8-foot ball made entirely of plastic bags.  Schlumpy is a part of the “Billion Bag Pledge ” that encourages people to use 1 billion fewer plastic bags.

The day when concert series were environmental nightmares has passed and Lolla leading the way in implementing eco-friendly practices into their productions.  Support these efforts to ensure a greener tomorrow!

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