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Now THAT’S a good use for those wine corks….

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

The majority of the 13 billion wine corks sold into the market each year wind up as waste, filling our landfills with yet another thing that we can reuse. Amorim, of Portugal is the world’s largest producer of natural cork. They are working to help keep it from being wasted by sponsoring the American arm of the organization called ReCork America.

SOLE, a Canadian company that the manufactures premium footbeds, socks and sandals, announced its partnership with ReCORK America just recently. Their goal is to divert cork from these landfills and re-purpose them into the soles of their newest shoes. With the help of ReCORK, SOLE is collecting corks from companies such as American Airlines, The Wine Tasting Network, Whole Foods Markets in Northern California and the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, to name a few. The 2010 footwear line is still in the works but is making great strides. “They provided us with thousands of used corks and we did the [research and design] necessary to successfully develop a cork blend that enhances the material properties of our products. This is the kind of sustainable effort that benefits everyone.” states Mike Baker, president of SOLE.

Be on the lookout for SOLE retailers near you that supply the re-purposed cork foot beds in 2010! голова болит секс голова болит секс

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