Open Call for Recycling Blog Contributors

Hello! The new Recycling for Charities blog is now open for business!

We are excited to continue the environmental recycling effort across the United States in 2008 and would like to engage the online community even more. We are looking for guest contributors to write posts on the blog here on Recycling for Charities. Topics that need to be written on are:

  • Recycling in General
  • Tips on Recycling
  • Integrating Recycling in your everyday life
  • Recycling News
  • Recycling Success stories
  • Fundraiser Ideas

Everyone is welcome to submit an idea for an article and if you are interested in being a guest blogger on RFC, then please email Be sure to include your writing background, ideas and thoughts on recycling in general and the environmental effects that you would like to help educate people on.

We are very excited and open to hear your comments and suggestions!

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7 Responses to “Open Call for Recycling Blog Contributors”

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  5. Check out my website: barbarasmithoccupationaltherapist for ideas on how to use laundry bottles and other recycled stuff to make therapeutic activities for individuals with disabilities. Enjoy the video!

  6. As a roofer myself I really appreciate articles such as this. Thanks for having such a nice blog and site !

  7. What a great site and exciting endeavor! You may find articles and additional resources for your blog at If you’d like to use anything you find there, please contact me first. Also, I would love to write a guest blog post on your site. If you’re still looking for guest bloggers, email me, and I’ll send you my credits. You can also visit my professional website: to get a sense of my work.

    Rebekah, aka Conscious Cow

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