Retailers Are Embracing Green Products and Practices

It is now becoming increasingly common for retailers to choose to sell green products and choose to carry out green practices.  The companies that are participating in this trend towards sustainability in all sectors are the ones that have shown better-than-average growth in annual sales.

A study was conducted by Retail Systems Research and they asked retailers to explain why they were using green practices and how they ere implementing their new green practices.  The study found that environmental consciousness is on the rise among retailers and that it is no longer being used on a strategic basis nor is it secluded to specific departments; more and more retailers see sustainable practices as worthwhile! claims, “retailers that have begun adopting green practices are branching out further into business operations than in the previous survey: In addition to store energy efficiency projects, respondents noted increased focus on IT efficiency and optimizing their logistics, supply chains and packaging.”

Wal-Mart has been swept up into the trend with the steps they have taken to be a more sustainable store.  Make sure your business does not get left out of the trend!

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