Wal-Mart Becomes Eco-Friendly

Wal-Mart, one of the largest retailers in the world, announced via webcast and conference call with bloggers and journalists that they are going to begin their sustainability efforts.  Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke announced that Wal-Mart would take into consideration everything from recycling to packaging.

Duke also spoke of Wal-Mart’s Zero Waste Initiative in which each action throughout Wal-Mart’s supply chain system would be changed in an effort to promote efficiency and sustainability. Wal-Mart will create a Sustainability Index of which will outline the eco-friendly nature of their production and distribution processes. In order to gauge companies’ efforts towards emissions targets and other eco-friendly initiatives, Wal-Mart has released a questionnaire document.

It is monumental that a company of this size is undertaking an initiative of this caliber and they aren’t going to stop there. Wal-Mart also outlined a plan for their Sam’s Club stores. The Sam’s Club stores will receive a Home Efficiency Aisle that will provide items to consumers that are eco-friendly and packaged in sustainable packaging.

How do you feel about Wal-Mart’s latest initiative?  Do you think they will carry out their proposed actions or do you think they will fail?  Leave a comment below!

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  1. Monisha Campbelnoli says:

    I had no idea Walmart was so innovative about helping the environement! I have had mixed feelings about the Walmart stores in my area however now I may rethink my position.

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