EcoFinder App For iPhone Users Encourages Recycling Efforts

What did people do before there was an iPhone app for just about every aspect of life?  There are iPhone apps for virtual lighters and a “Hold On” app (an app that allows you to see how long you can keep your thumb on the Hold button without moving it).  All-in-all there is an app for just about everything you can think of!

Yet, aside from all of the iPhone apps that seem to have little or no relevance at all, one app that is potentially very useful and extremely relevant is called the EcoFinder application. The EcoFinder application allows residents of the San Francisco Bay Area to find recycling areas for items ranging from anti-freeze to mannequins.

This application is free and was released by the San Francisco Environment Department.  It allows users to search for the specific item they would like to recycle and then provides details regarding sites that accept this item and whether or not there is a cost associated with recycling that item.  Thus far, 2,900 people have signed up for the free resource and people in other cities are interested in duplicating this app.

Interested in downloading this app?  Click here. And if you find yourself desirous of recycling a cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, digital camera, or PDA, Recycling For Charities is the place to do that—donate now!

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One Response to “EcoFinder App For iPhone Users Encourages Recycling Efforts”

  1. Bobby Johns says:

    I find this article very informative! I love my iPhone and all the random apps. Its about time there is one that helps those who are more interested in eco friendly products. way to go apple. way to go.

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