NBC’s Third Annual “Green Week”

This week launches NBC’s third annual “Green Week”, which will feature environmentally friendly programming starting Sunday November 15th. Green Week will reinforce NBC’s environmental initiative “Green is Universal” by tuning their programming to deliver environmental initiatives within their plots.

This year NBC’s Green Week will be centered on their “Green Counts Here” campaign. This cross-platform initiative gives NBC Universal audiences to make sure that Green Week counts. NBC will give their audiences the opportunity to a make pledges that would result in them making small green changes to their everyday lives. The amount of these pledges will show consumers the collective impact people can have towards the environment when they chose to do so.

Some of NBC’s most watched television shows will feature environmental initiatives. The shows the will be included are Heroes, The Biggest Loser, Community, The Office, and 30 Rock. 30 Rock will even feature a guest cameo from one of the worlds leading environmental activists, former Vice-President, Al Gore. Also, The Jay Leno Show will feature green segments as part of their programming throughout the week.

All of the networks under NBC Universal will also participate in Green Week. MSNBC will participate by featuring authors that write about green issues through out the week. The Weather Channel will air segments on climate change and the effect it is having on the environment. Also, Bravo will re-air environmental themed episodes of Top Chef and Martha Stewart will even be giving green tips that highlight the importance of conservation.

Look for the traditional NBC peacock to turn green for the week of November 15-22nd.

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