What CAN You Do with Packing Peanuts?

So we all know that we should be doing everything we can to reduce, reuse and recycle. We all recognize the little triangle with some number on the bottom of our plastics. Unfortunately, according to Earth911.com, while 80 percent of Americans have access to plastics recycling programs in some form, finding one that actually accepts our daily hard-to-recycle items is sometimes harder than we anticipate.

Instead, we should be getting creative. Think outside of the leftover box and find something crafty to do with those piled up CD cases! Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Medicine Bottles-

After you have finished your prescription, be sure to wash your bottles with antibacterial soap and warm water. After that, the sky’s the limit with the types of organizers you can make with these different size bottles.

  • From mini sewing kits to handy purse size first aid kits, they are easily labeled and can fit in tight spaces. If you are looking to organize a whole drawer or just a section of it, glue them together, or glue the bottoms to a piece of cardboard to keep them upright.
  • Watering Tool- The petite, tube-like structure of a medicine bottle is perfect for watering your plants. Just take off the cap, poke a hole in the bottom and push it into the soil. When your plant is thirsty, simply fill the bottle with water, and it will leak out at a slow and appropriate rate. Use more than one bottle for larger plants. Also, don’t forget to organize your gardening kit! Medicine bottles can also be used to store seeds as the container is designed to protect its contents from light and moisture.

2. CD cases-

So for the sake of recycling, let’s just say that you are one of those people that don’t buy CD’s anymore and you download straight to your computer and MP3 player. So what can you do with that stack of cases? Use your imagination-

  • Make a desktop frame. Just take out the paper that was inside and use the clean plastic jewel case to make a desktop picture frame. Just open the case and flip it inside-out so that it looks like an easel. This tip works great for office notes or dinner recipes as well.
  • You can also make a super creative Wall Mural.

Wall Mural
Just take one of your favorite images, blow it up and cut it to fit into all of the clear cases. It might take a little bit more time than that, but the final result is well worth it.

3. Foam Packing Peanuts-

Usually when you are receiving these little buggers you are getting quite a few, so it’s best to have a few ideas up your sleeve so you can plan ahead.

Potted Plant Aerator- Instead of using heavy rocks in your planters, save your back by using foam peanuts. Go ahead and crumble the foam in the bottom of your pot to create a layer that won’t rot and helps to keep the drainage holes clear.

Stuff your Stuff-Save your packaging foam for your next doggy bed, throw pillow or bean bag chair for the kids. When you have to purchase filling beans and foam it could end up costing you up to $50 bucks.

Cool way to keep cool. Surprising, I know, but you can actually make your ice last longer by stuffing a sealable plastic bag with packing peanuts and place at the top of your freezer or in a cooler on-the-go. Your ice will stay colder and last longer.

4. Bottle Caps-

Trendy Trend- Don’t go buy a new necklace from an overpriced department store when you could just as easily make one from items you already have. Planet Green’s step-by-step guide breaks it down for you: Collect a couple of caps, punch a hole through the center of the caps, paint them your favorite color and string them together for a ready-to-wear accessory.
Delightful Doormat- Since your doormat is one of the first things your guests see and could also be one of the dirtiest things in your home, wouldn’t it be great to have something that was easily washable? Simply glue or nail the smooth side of the caps to a thin piece of plywood, and you have the perfect mud scraper without throwing out all of those caps!

Just about anything can be reused if you get creative with it. Keep things that you need around the house in mind when you are throwing away plastics that could be reused. Not only is it creative and fun, it’s also a bragging right!

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