Live Green; Reduce Waste by Reusing Recycled Materials

With more and more waste being produced landfill space is decreasing by the minute in the United States. Construction and demolition waste currently takes 25 percent to 30 percent of area landfill space. The thing here is that the majority of construction and demolition waste contains materials that can be recycled and reused.

Instead of sending these usable materials to the landfill it would make more sense to recycle and reuses such materials for future buildings. That is exactly what ReSource, a Colorado based company has come up with. Working like a thrift store for construction products ReSource accepts donations of reusable building materials, Resource is one way to decrease this throw away factor construction and demolition waste. The accepted materials are then sold for home projects at 50 percent to 90 percent below retail cost.

By purchasing and using materials from ReSource the customer does not only save money, but recycles materials keeping them out of landfills. Every item at ReSource is donated by homeowners, businesses, contractors, or deconstruction specialists. ReSource accepts cabinets, solid doors, lumbers and timbers, plumbing fixtures, sinks, bathtubs, landscaping materials, fencing, wood stoves, trim, shutters, roofing materials, and much more.

ReSource is a 501-3 non-profit allowing all donations to be tax-deductible. Being a non-profit the foundation for ReSource is created by volunteers. These volunteer opportunities range from yard pickup and materials processing to deconstruction and event planning. ReSource also offers internship for students that want to learn how a well established non-profit organization works.

ReSource also offers to help with the deconstruction of establishments. The deconstruction process involves dismantling part or all of a building. Instead of the entire building structure going to the landfill, reusable and recyclable materials are removed first to be taken to ReSource. ReSource offers huge environmental benefits by reducing the amount of materials being sent off to the landfill. This also saves natural resources and decreases our carbon footprint making deconstruction a beneficial environmental initiative.

If more establishments open up around the nation like ReSource there could be a monumental change. With construction materials taking up to 30 percent of our landfills it is important to decrease this number. Our landfills are not getting any bigger and if waste continues to fill them more landfills will be needed. It is important to reduce waste and by recycling and reusing items that are still efficient, fewer materials will land up in landfills

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