Midwest AIDS Prevention Project and Recycling for Charities

"E-waste" collected at 3 municipal building in Ferndale

FERNDALE, MI (November 23, 2005)-Midwest AIDS Prevention Project, Recycling for Charities (RFC),{{RFC}} and The City of Ferndale are teaming up to collect unwanted cellular phones, Palm Pilots and digital cameras no longer in use to benefit MAPP's ongoing AIDS prevention efforts.

Collection containers for discarded wireless equipment, or "e-waste," are located at 5 locations around Ferndale including The Ferndale Public Library, City Hall and the Gerry Kulick Community Center . Donors may dispose of unwanted electronics during building hours or donate all time online at www.recyclingforcharities.com. All makes and models are accepted, regardless of working condition. All donations are tax-deductible.

The recycling program benefits both non-profit organizations by preventing electronic waste from gathering in landfills where it can harm the environment, while also collecting revenue for charity. Cellular phones and other small electronic devices such as pagers, PDA's, and iPods contain toxins such as lead and mercury that can leak out of landfills and contaminate sources of drinking water. The money from each unit collected is divided between MAPP and RFC.

"We are extremely pleased that MAPP has chosen to work with Recycling for Charities," said Dwight Zahringer, President and Founder of RFC. "The program is a win-win situation for both charities, allowing RFC to protect the environment and MAPP to raise much needed funding."

MAPP is one of Michigan 's largest non-profit, community-based organizations whose mission is health promotion, harm and risk reduction, and HIV and sexually-transmitted disease prevention education. Each year, MAPP provides more than 700 safer sex workshops, presentations, training's, media events, display tables, outreach events, and speaking engagements throughout the state. Since its incorporation in 1988, MAPP has distributed over two million AIDS education materials and condoms, reaching more than 500,000 people.


RFC (www.recyclingforcharities.com) handles all collected electronic waste responsibly with the well being of the environment as the primary concern. RFC is an organization (recently applied for Non-Profit status 501c3) that allows individuals to donate cell phones to charity, as well as PDA's, Palm Pilots and digital cameras, in an effort that benefits the cause of their choice and the environment at large. For every charity phone donation one provides, RFC donates half they receive and give the other to the foundation or cause selected. All RFC donations are tax-deductible.