The National Children's Advocacy Center is partnering with Recycling for Charities to raise money and protect the environment

Give Old Phones, Pagers, PDA's and Digital Cameras to a Great Cause

Royal Oak, MI - November 14, 2005 - Recycling for Charities(RFC), Royal Oak - Recycling for Charities{{RFC}} is a non-profit organization that allows individuals to donate cell phones, ink cartridges, PDA's, pagers and digital cameras in an effort that benefits not only the cause of their choice but also the environment at large. RFC is pleased to announce their partnership with the National Children's Advocacy Center in this endeavor.

National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC) is a non-profit organization that provides training, prevention, intervention and treatment services to fight child abuse and neglect. Since being established in 1985, the NCAC has trained more than 54,000 professionals from the United States and 20 countries.

Donations can be dropped off at the National Children's Advocacy Center at 210 Pratt Avenue NE , Huntsville , AL 35801 or you can donate online at www.recyclingforcharities.com and then sent in. For each cell phone, pager, PDA, ink cartridge or digital camera collected, the NCAC will receive a monetary donation from Recycling for Charities. All makes and models, regardless of working condition will be accepted. Phones must be deactivated before they are donated.

The goal of recycling e-waste is to prevent it from gathering in landfills where it can harm the environment. Cellular phones and other small electronic devices contain toxins such as lead and mercury that can leak out of landfills and contaminate sources of drinking water.

"This partnership not only benefits the NCAC but it helps keep the environment clean too. We are proud to be working for such a worthy cause," Said Dwight Zahringer, co-founder of Recycling for Charities.

More information about Recycling for Charities can be found at www.recyclingforcharities.com .

For more information about the NCAC visit http://www.nationalcac.org/