How to find a home and recycle your old cell phone

Health Magazine July 2006 - Where do old cell phones go to die? Too often they get tossed in to landfills, only to leach toxic materials in to the earth. Lean more here.

A smarter solution: Donate your phones to Recycling for Charities (RFC), a Non-Profit organization that sells them to recyclers and gives most of the proceeds to the charity of your choice.

More than 60 organizations are signed up as benefiting charities with RFC. (View RFC participating charities online here) Every donation is tax-deductable.

Recycling for Charities accepts old wireless cell phones, pagers, PDA's and Palm Pilots or Handspring, digital cameras, iPods, and ink or toner cartridges. Items not be in working order and all accessories are welcome.

You can donate online, choose the benefiting charity, print out a pre-filled shipping label and tax donation receipt all in a few short minutes.

Be on the lookout for RFC's blue recycling bins, new this year at major retailers and supermarkets across the country.

Remember, one cell phone can pollute up to 132,000 liters of water.