"Earth Angles - A look at 6 non-profits that make
the world a greener place";

944 Los Angeles Magazine April 2007, pg 55 - {{RFC}}Where do old cell phones go to die? Too often they get tossed in to landfills, only to leach toxic materials in to the earth. Lean more here.

Donate Cell Phones LA, CA

According to Recycling for Charities, over the past five years an average of more than 200 million cell phones per year have gone out of service, but only 8 percent of them are recycled or refurbished.

RFC is sort of a two-for-one non-profit. Every time you donate a device you no longer want (old cell phone, broken digital camera, empty printer ink cartridge), not only are you helping keep toxic elements out of landfills, but the organization will donate cash to a charity of your choice.

Remember, one cell phone can pollute up to 132,000 liters of water.