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Village Help for South Sudan


P.O. Box 8067

Lynn MA 01904

Phone: (781) 641-1011

Our first project is to build a primary school in Wunlang, a remote area of Southern Sudan, and to provide water, food, teacher training, adult (especially women's) literacy, sanitation, and uniform-sewing programs. “Village Help for South Sudan is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity formed in 2007. Our EIN is 20-8692990. Our mission is to deliver education and opportunity to remote areas of South Sudan. We support and enable indigenous groups in villages to do their own development work. We do this by partnering with members of the diaspora to lead projects that assist their villages to assess needs and priorities, develop a plan to address the needs, and then complete implementation projects to meet the objectives of the plan. Our work focuses on the general areas of education, health care, and sanitation.”


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