535 Albany Street, Suite 2A

Boston MA 02118

Phone: (857) 234-2263

Alternate Phone: 617716

Fax: (262) 264-2560

A little about us:

 TRIAD Trust works to reduce the transmission of HIV and AIDS in the most
affected regions in the world. 
Our approach is to train local leaders to
create and sustain HIV education programs for vulnerable youth. 
programs use sports, arts and technology to provide kids with the tools they
need to lead an AIDS-free life.

In our founding site, the Nkomazi Region of South
Africa, (ground zero for the fight against AIDS with an HIV/AIDS
rate of above 40%), 
TRIAD's  local leaders rely  specifically on Blackberries
to stay in frequent touch with their US counterparts via email and
Blackberry messenger.

Your donation of one or several phones will directly increase the efficacy and efficiency of TRIAD's local programming. 

Thanks in advance for your generosity!


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