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Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church


2931 Kingston Pike

Knoxville TN 37919

Phone: (865) 523-4176

Fax: (865) 523-4177

We strive to be a liberal religious community where people of all faiths can find common ground and feel empowered to work for the common good.

In our church we believe that diversity is a strength not a weakness. Listening to different points of view can lead to opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth.

Our members hold a variety of theological and philosophical perspectives, and yet we covenant together to build a community where each person is valued and respected. We believe that each person has something to share that can enrich our common life.

Our congregation has a deep commitment to religious freedom and the authority of the individual conscience. We believe in building a society that respects human rights both at home and abroad.

We are committed to working in interfaith partnerships to feed the hungry, protect the environment, empower social justice efforts, and celebrate religious freedom.

We appreciate your taking the time to learn more about our church by visiting our website. Here you can begin to get some sense of the creativity and the variety of our programming and activities. We hope you will drop by and visit our church in the near future.

We welcome you and your ideas and your vision.


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