MyCom Youth Development Network at Neighborhood Leadership Instititute


5246 Broadway Avenue

Cleveland OH 44147

Phone: (216) 812-8708

Alternate Phone: (216) 339-8624

A little about us: The MyCom network connects Greater Cleveland’s young people with high-quality, neighborhood-based programs and services that provide engaging, educational and affordable opportunities in a safe and supportive environment – helping them to connect, navigate and be productive so they can grow, thrive and reach their true potential.
My Commitment, My Community… That is MyCom.
Our Vision
MyCom is a network of caring adults and a reliable partner for parents and caregivers, in their neighborhood and in their child’s development, providing safe, productive and affordable experiences for their children at school, out-of-school, on the job and for their future.
MyCom Principles
MyCom is guided by a set of principles we believe are an integral part of a comprehensive youth development framework:
A youth voice must be incorporated into all levels of MyCom
Ensuring every youth is guided by a caring adult
Connecting youth to positive opportunities for growth
Evaluating our work and investing in strategies that are successful
Transparency in our work.
MyCom Intermediary: Neighborhood Leadership Institute
Since 2008, Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) has been an integral member of the MyCom initiative initially as a member of the MyCom network, transitioning into a lead agency role for neighborhood engagement in 2010, adding a role as the lead agency for youth engagement in 2011, and currently continuing in those roles as well as working directly with the evaluation and MyCom impact strategies.
NLI began its engagement with MyCom in 2008 as a youth development and leadership training organization. NLI provides leadership training, creates sustainable community engagement models, and offers out of school time resources and program opportunities to individuals of Greater Cleveland’s diverse communities. We take pride in elevating an individual’s natural leadership talent as together we share a common goal to improve and positively impact our communities through courageous leadership, collective ownership, empowerment, inclusion, and accountability. Our services and network empower our participants through education as we strive to shape new ways of thinking through authentic communication, elevating individual creativity, equity and equality. Our organization values the network building, neighborhood planning and engagement, and emphasis on youth engagement included in the MyCom Theory of Change.


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