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Missys Haven Caine Rescue


11023 a Kosub Lane

San Antonio TX 78223

Phone: (210) 788-7420

Missy's Haven Canine Rescue is an IRS registered not for profit organization, a 501(c)3, that was established in 2011 to help abandoned, neglected and abused mixed dogs find forever homes. Our organization is staffed entirely by volunteers who are committed to providing medical treatment including spay/neuter, education, training and socialization to ensure adaptability in their new homes and communities. There are as many as 7 million 
orphaned pets looking for a family to love each year. Please join us (Missy’s 
Haven Canine Rescue) and help homeless animals this year by donating cell phones. Working together we can all make a difference. Please don't forget to like us on 

Facebook at Missy's Haven.  


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