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32 Knox Rd

Ridgecrest NC 28770

Phone: (828) 989-8823

I am emailing you on behalf of FIRST at Blue Ridge, which is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charity that provides services to homeless populations and those suffering from substance use disorder. FIRST offers educational courses to professionals in the community who wish to extend their clinical education. These educational courses provide quality education for service providers in Western North Carolina, thus producing professionals who use best practice, and essentially more productive members of society. FIRST generates a small amount of income from these trainings, making it an asset to the program that is able to provide more resources for clients.
FIRST is looking to offer these courses online using video equipment from_________. The use of online courses would extend the reach and accessibility of the course information. The use of video equipment would assist FIRST in promoting quality education on substance use disorders, while simultaneously providing clients with materials that will strengthen their recovery through creative outlets. The equipment we are interested in is two DSLR cameras that are capable of autofocus in video mode, and two lenses that are capable of taking close up shot at 30-40 ft.
We would be proud to have _____ as a sponsor for our educational seminars. Please consider the impact this donation would have on our client base, community, and clinical practice as a whole. Any charitable donation would be appreciated, and proper documentation of said donation will be provided for your organization.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
John Sander(828) 989-8823
P.O. Box 40
32 Knox Rd
Ridgecrest NC, 28770


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