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Ellen's Heart and Soul


24 Quail Run Dr.

Concord MA 01742

Phone: (978) 254-1865

We are a 501c3
non-profit organization devoted to helping promote healthy living,
relaxation and excitement in the hearts and souls of women with
cancer.We strive to offer comfort to women and their families battling
breast cancer. This support is currently offered through two channels:
Music for the Heart and Soul & Meals for the Heart and Soul.

Music for the Heart and Soul is our relaxation program where we
collects new and used IPods to make music available to women while
they undergo chemotherapy treatments by helping to create a relaxing
and stress-free environment. So far we have worked with Tufts Medical
Center and by the end of next month we will have IPods placed in Mass
General, Emerson Hospital, and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in
Boston. We were interested in learning about your program and
potentially working together to reach more people and donate.


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