Capuchin Food Pantries

Capuchin Food Pantries


210 West 31st Street

New York NY 10001

Phone: (212) 279-6171

A little about us: The Capuchin Food Pantries are based out of the Capuchin Mission Office on 31st Street in Midtown Manhattan. We have six additional locations in Harlem, Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Long Island. The Capuchin Food Pantries are a unique network that alleviates the immediate need of hunger by feeding over three thousand families each week, and seeks to remedy the structural or emotional issues that generated hunger. The distribution of free clothing, diapers and toiletries aids the clients in stretching their income. Some of our pantries provide meals such as the breakfast program at the Miracle House on 42nd Street. Food bags are carefully balanced to provide a minimum of four days nourishment to each person served. This, in most cases, is the difference between having enough to eat or going to bed hungry. No food bags would mean a serious nutritional shortfall, especially for the children. Full-time Social Workers serve our clients needs to help them become independent of our programs.


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