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3711 Rhode Island Ave

Mount Rainier MD 20712

Phone: (301) 454-0808

Alternate Phone: (301) 454-0808

Mindful of the relationship between creative education and the creative development of our community, Art Works Now remains committed to teaching art technique, encouraging each student to “see” in their own way, and providing multiple opportunities to explore, express and demonstrate their vision. We offer a “blank canvas” for every student to develop their individual creativity. We provide the tools, techniques, and a great studio space, along with instruction that encourages creative exploration, and peers for encouragement and collaboration.

Our mission is to create a stronger community through the arts. We achieve this with affordable, content rich art classes and projects. Our core value of social justice is activated through the content of our programming, our commitment to reducing economic barriers to art education, and the long-term, accountable relationships we nurture with our community.


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