Alaska Whale Foundation

Alaska Whale Foundation


4739 University Way NE #1239

Seattle WA 98105

Phone: (760) 668-5462

Alternate Phone: (503) 385-3195

A little about us: The Alaska Whale Foundation (AWF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to marine mammal research, conservation, and education. The AWF is run off of donations from people just like you! Since the 1980s, members of AWF have conducted marine mammal research using a variety of tools including sonars, animal-borne tags (Crittercam), acoustic recording devices, theodolites and both video and still cameras. The AWF also participates in the Alaska Marine Mammal Stranding Network, where AWF works to detangle and save stranded marine mammals, and ensure the future of these magnificent animals remains bright. AWF reaches out to local communities, tourism, and fishing industries by conducting local, regional and national presentations, participating in television and film productions, and producing educational literature.

Currently, the AWF is developing a mobile (Android/iOS) application for citizen scientists to use to collect highly valuable marine mammal distribution data. The application is being launched in summer 2014 on several local Alaskan cruise vessels, and advertised at the AWF Outreach Center in Warm Springs Bay, Alaska. Your donation of used iPads, iPhones, and Androids will allow the AWF to loan out such devices to avid citizen scientists, who will then use the iPhone/iPad/Android and downloaded application to record marine mammals sightings. Marine scientist and the AWF will then use these data to study marine mammal summer feeding patterns in Alaska. Your donation will enable the AWF team and the general public to research whales and other marine mammals, and help preserve these incredible animals!

The AWF is also looking for camera donations to support photo identification work. Thank you for all your help and support!


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