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Academy of Medical and Public Health Services


5306 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor

Brooklyn NY 11220

Phone: (646) 543-3018

Alternate Phone: (646) 388-1398

The Academy of Medical & Public Health Services (AMPHS) is a grassroots volunteer-run organization founded in 2010 on the principle that health care is a basic human right available to all. Our mission is to improve health care access among underprivileged communities suffering from high risks of chronic disease. We currently work primarily in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, but plan to expand to other locations in the next 5 years. AMPHS’s Sunset Park location places it strategically at the intersection of the Latino and Asian immigrant populations, where 26% of the population is uninsured and nearly one-third suffer from heart disease and HIV/AIDS, among other health conditions. AMPHS strives to complement the services of disparate organizations working to bring healthcare to various communities, offering a unique array of resources to its community members free of charge. We operate on a 100% efficiency model, such that all of our proceeds go directly to our community service work.


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