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1844 Concord School Log Cabin Historical Society


12938 Baalbek Dr

St Loius MO 63127

Phone: (314) 842-4029

Our mission is to restore and preserve what is to date, the second-oldest, surviving one-room log cabin school in the U.S. After communities upgraded their schools to frame or brick, original log buildings were left to ruin. In 1872, local farmer Peter Dietrich recycled and relocated the 1844 school to his farm in south St. Louis County. In 2003, the Dietrich house's scheduled demolition was prevented after finding the log school inside. As a living history educational program and exhibit, students and visitors will experience a time when students of all ages sat together on primitive benches at bench-like tables. Pre-Civil War schools of this era had "boards painted black" on their interior walls instead of slate blackboards. Teachers inscribed the alphabet, numbers, maps and flags on these "black boards" for students. Traveling clergy added biblical proverbs and verses for their congregations, since these buildings were community churches when school was not in session. Help us save this rare treasure from our past.


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