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EcoATM Aims to Decrease E-Waste

Friday, October 9th, 2009

The green movement is here and there are efforts on all fronts to make sure it not only stays around but continues to grow. The ideas and creativity behind the Green movement have showed that everyone has the capabilities to recycle. Although, it may be on different levels some more intense than others, the opportunity to recycle now may find you instead of you having to look for it. That is exactly the case in Omaha, Nebraska where the new EcoATM has made its way on to the scene.

The Nebraska Furniture Mart is the first location to install the EcoAtm, and is serving as a test study for a possible advance in a future release. EcoATM is a San Diego start up company that used to be known as Remobile. The have developed a self-service kiosk, also known as EcoATM which is focused on decreasing the amount of e-waste in the environment along with promoting an easy and convenient way to recycle old cell phones. The e-cycling stations inspects all cell phones and assigns them an up to date secondary market value and then provides an in store payment. If the phone has no monetary value the consumer can assign it to the recycling bin and off it goes.


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