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E-Waste Collection Programs on the Rise

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

It has taken some time, but the public has begun to realize how dangerous the e-waste epidemic is. Take a second to think about it. Technology is advancing every day with new electronics being released to replace the past ones, even if they are just a year or two old.

The problem is  that recycling efforts can’t keep up with the rate technology is evolving. When consumers get that new electronic, where does the old one go? More often that not it goes right in the trash, which will eventually make its way to the landfill.

It was just recent that the e-waste problem started to grab the attention of government officials. Faced with the dilemma of solving this environmental issue, solutions had to be made to prevent this from further spreading. Manufacturers are now being held more responsible for their products as well.

It’s a finger pointing issue where no one wants to accept the responsibility of solving the e-waste pollution situation. Luckily, there have been some changes in that attitude surfacing the past few months. Some states have set standards that manufactures have to abide by when it comes to recycling their old products. And surprisingly most manufacturers are complying; working with consumers to set up e-waste recycling programs.

Even retail giants such as Target and Best Buy have set up recycling programs that accommodate e-waste. Private and public recyclers have begun adapting e-waste into their programs. Non-profits such as Recycling for Charities have established programs to help fight e-waste. Municipalities are forming programs for their citizens to recycle their old electronics. The fight against e-waste is finally making some noise and if programs like these continue we and Mother Nature will be thankful in the future.

For information on e-waste programs in your state check out E-Cycling Central. Also, our Recycling for Charities program helps fight the e-waste problem while supporting non-profits. If you have handheld electronics that need to be recycled you can donate the items to one of our affiliated charities.

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