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Make the Switch to E-books Today

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and although I love relaxing with a paperback in hand, I recently realized that this is not the most eco-friendly option for books.  The issue with books made out of paper is that the paper necessary to construct them must come from trees and it takes about 24 trees to produce a ton of printing paper for books.  Those trees should be preserved for the eco-systems they support and the oxygen they produce.  Aside from the issue of paper, paper books need ink and fossil fuels for their production and delivery.

With all the huge environmental coats, Electronic books or E-books begin to look like a wonderful alternative.  E-books do not utilize paper, ink, or fossil fuels and they will never end up in a landfill.  Although they do utilize energy, it is necessary to realize that they use much less energy to create than other books do.  They also do not produce waste, harm eco-systems, or utilize fossil fuels.

Considering Americans buy more than 3 billion books a year, this seems like a great option for the eco-friendly minded.  E-books are space saving, easy to use, and waste-reducing!

Here at Recycling For Charities, we feel that an eco-friendly life is a life well lived.  Do not forget to support your charity and donate your used cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, digital cameras, and PDAs!

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