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College Campuses Begin Sustainable Practices

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Have you ever thought about how much waste is produced from students who get take out from their cafeteria while at college? This is a regular occurrence for many because sometimes cafeterias are not open at convenient times for students or students have other activities to attend, thus a lot of trash from take out containers is produced and all of it ends up in the landfill.  Yet, now many college students will find a re-usable “to-go” food containers for them to use when they get take out from the cafeteria!

ARAMARK Higher Education is the mastermind behind these plans to make college campuses more sustainable. They have produced containers that are dishwasher-safe and can be washed with the other utensils that are used within a college cafeteria. This program has been introduced at many different universities throughout the United States including: Baylor University, University of Florida, University of North Caroline-Chapel Hill, Peace College, and Salem College.

Visit ARAMARK’s Higher Education website today and request that this program is implemented at your current, future, or previous educational institution today!

And be sure to check back to the Recycling For Charities home page this week, there will be podcasts regarding recycled products awaiting you!

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