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Recompute’s Sustainable Desktop PC

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Before we get started let’s take a step back and think about the history of computers. Sure we all hear these stories that the first computer occupied a whole room and looked more like something from a sci-fi movie than the laptops the public is now using. Needless to say computers have come a long way from where they once were. The technology is always improving and the only question to ask is, what are they going to do next? Well my recycling friends, Brenden Macalusa how found the answer.

In a day and age where concern for the environment has emerged as a whole entity itself, this Green movement has really caught the attention of individuals. Recycle, recycle, recycle, sure it is easier said than done but wait until you here what Macalusa has done to recycle. What started off as senior thesis, Macalusa has developed and design a fully working sustainable desktop PC. I know, right? How can you manage to make a whole computer recyclable, you ask? Well, to start the case of the computer is made up of %100 corrugated cardboard (recyclable and renewable), but that is just a topping on the pizza. Recompute is designed to address sustainability in all three main life stages.

The first stage is the manufacturing which starts with the cardboard case but that is not the only sustainable act through this process. Unlike normal computers Recompute only uses three major electrical components: A motherboard with processor & memory, power supply and a hard drive, thus keeping electronic components to a bare minimum.


The second life stage is the use of Recompute. Recompute’s design allows users to take advantage of existing hardware. For example, you can use the keyboard from an old computer or use a portable hard drive. For extra flexibility the Recompute has eight USB ports compared to most computers that have between two and four. This allows users to add and subtract hardware as it is needed.

The final stage for Recompute that makes it sustainable is disposal. Most electronics such as computers end up in landfills and become e-waste, which contains toxic heavy metals. The e-waste ends up in landfills because often it is easier to just throw them away than to dismantle piece by piece. The Recompute can be easily dismantled with out any tools making the electronics and of course case easily recyclable.

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