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Back To School Tips For Reducing Waste

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

The end of August means that children everywhere are going back to school!  Here are a few planning tips to help you reduce your waste as you ready your children for school:

1) Re-use everything and anything you can.  This list includes: paper, pens, folders, binders, backpacks, calculators, etc.

2) If you must purchase new school supplies, look for those made form recycled content or those that come in minimal packaging.

3) Waste from children’s lunches is huge and is very easy to reduce.  Send re-usable food and drink containers with your children.

4)  Donate any unusable items such as clothes, electronics, and other supplies; don’t allow them to go to waste because there are plenty of people who would appreciate these items.

5) Talk with your children about the benefits of reducing, re-using, and recycling items.  Starting children with good habits at a younger age promotes life long eco-friendly habits.

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