Don’t forget to recycle your own running shoes!

Back in 1993 Nike introduced their “Reuse-a-Shoe” program which was their effort to keep their shoes out of landfills. It has been over 15 years since this program launched and Nike has recycled more than one and a half million pairs of athletic shoes each year. All of Nike’s brand shoes are recyclable. They used the recycled material in their products of Nike Grind Rubber, Foam and Upper.

For example, Nike Grind Foam is made from the midsoles and then incorporated into basketball and tennis court surfaces. The fabric from the Nike Grind upper is reused as padding for volleyball and indoor basketball courts. Just incase you can’t picture how many shoes that is; it would take about 2,500 pairs to make a basketball or tennis court and over 75,000 to make a running track. Not only do they recycle their shoes into athletic surfaces but they also use them for buttons and accessories on their new Nike items as well.

Nike generously accepts all brands of shoes into their recycle program but they only want running, walking or athletic shoes. They will not accept cleats or shoes with metal on them along with dress shoes, sandals or flip-flops.

If you’re dirty old sneakers are well past their prime, don’t throw them in the trash, the rubber on those soles will be in a landfill for at least 50 years. Look up a Nike-Reuse-a-Shoe drop off location and look at it as giving back to the community. Nike has resurfaces the basketball courts in Boys and Girls clubs and school tracks.

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