Disney Begins Project Green

Disney has recently gotten popular celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brother to sway the tween crowd to preserve the planet. They are hoping that they can make green issues understandable for this age group and show them how easy it is to curb their impact.

Disney Stars Sit On Sofa Made of Recycled Jean Fabric

Since May, over 350,000 young people have already registered on the website for Project Green.  Registering is simple and allows them to track their impact and vote how Disney should use the $1 million in donations that they have received.  Disney focuses on 4 different areas for these donations: climate change, habitat preservation, water conservation, and waste reduction.

Find out more by visiting Disney online!  And as always remember that you can recycle your used cell phones, mp3s, iPods, and digital cameras and send the proceeds to a charity of your choice with Recycling For Charities today!

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