Poo Poo Paper – Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone for the holidays? Were you thinking that maybe a nice stationary set or photo album would be a great idea? Take a moment and look into poopoopaper.com. Yes, it sounds disgusting; and to be perfectly honest, it is a bit disgusting. These paper products are actually handmade from recycled elephant dung. However, with a motto like “We take the Ooo of out Poo,” it’s a bit easier to believe that it’s not as bad as it sounds.

With a process that includes multiple rinses, a boiling stage and adding natural fibers from banana trees and pineapples, the poopoopaper is made thick and strong. The mixture is then laid out flat on mesh-bottomed tray into small cakes or “wafers”. The tray is then leaned up against a tree angled toward the sun. No drying process is used saving energy and resources. They also carry cow dung products as well.

Their “Poo-tique” has items such as stationary, postcards, notebooks and photo albums. All are colored and well designed; they even have a psychedelic line aptly named “Peace of Poo.”  Kitschy and fun, this company reuses the unusable and does it in an environmentally responsible manner. As they say on their website and I agree, I give it two bums up!

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