Ontario Gives Back to Green Vehicles

As the green way becomes the right way, more and more electric cars are beginning to be seen. Let’s admit this though, the very sight of one of these raises questions. Sure it looks more like a go-kart than an actual car, but there is little doubt that these vehicles are in fact better for the environment. Still that is not going to motivate every consumer to go out and get themselves behind the wheel of one of these electric or hybrid cars. There needs to be more of an incentive than the feel good aspect. That is exactly what Ontario, Canada is doing to assure more green vehicles hit their streets.

Starting in 2010 Ontario will offer a limited program exclusive to drivers that own green vehicles, such as plug-in hybrids and battery-powered electric vehicles. These vehicles will be given green colored license plates by the ministry of transportation next year. The owners of eligible vehicles will receive exclusive privileges that are intended to make driving a green vehicle more appealing.

Green cars that have the license plate will be allowed to travel in the province’s car pool lane, even if there is only one person in the vehicle. Owners of these vehicles will also have access to the use of recharging stations at GO Transit and other provincially owned parking lots. They also will have access to special parking spots at the University of Toronto, Walmart, and other private companies.

The goal of this initiative is to have one out of every 20 passenger vehicles on Ontario’s road an electric vehicle by 2020. This is a nice step for green electric vehicles in becoming more of an ideal choice. The simple incentives can go a long way when consumers start to realize they get more than the sense of self gratification when purchasing an electric vehicle.

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