Environmental Theme Park takes Recycling for a Ride

The world’s first environmental theme park uses music, art, and prizes to get the public thinking green. Global Inheritance, an environmental non-profit organization has inspired a fun and educational eco-out reach. Where could this wonderland exist? Oh, just Hollywood Highland right in the heart of the most popular L.A shopping mall! No matter what your interests are Enviromentaland has got you covered. They’ve proved that green can grow in all areas of our lives whether it’s in our music, movies, games, art, fitness, or education.

What kind of games you ask? One of Enviromentaland’s most popular games called, Recycled Paper Plane Shoot Out was inspired by artist M.I.A’s song, Paper Planes. It gives visitors a chance to answer questions from an environmental test to earn points. Once the quiz is completed the paper becomes the contestant’s paper airplane to hit a huge bull’s-eye. Winners receive festival tickets, Fuel TV skate decks and more.

Other games encourage forward thinking and challenge man against nature. Desert Mini Golf illustrates the possibility of sustainable golf courses, while planting the idea of change in the minds of the community. Visitors can also see energy at work at the Energy Playground. Environmentaland’s human power house uses a seesaw and bicycle to power mobile devices, TV sets, iPods and other devices.

The best part of this whole concept is that it gets people active. Recycling for Charities applauds Enviromentaland’s TRASHed recycling drive that motivates the public to donate their old VHS tapes, DVD’s, and cell phones by giving out points. Additional points can also be earned by bringing other guests, recycling jeans or by taking alternate forms of transportation.

Global Inheritance has successfully provided green education and involvement through the simple form of excitement. Get ready to see an Environmentaland in popular public spots across the country. You can learn more about Global Inheritance and its founder, Eric Ritz on the RFC podcast mid November.

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