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Reminder: Old Cell Phones Can Still Dial 911

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

In Canada, there have been many accidental calls to emergency 911 dispatchers. As a result, Canadian officials are asking parents to remove the batteries from old cell phones if they choose to give an old cell phone to their child as a toy. Cell phone providers are required to allow deactivated cell phones to access 911, provided the battery is in place, for emergency purposes.  But, the false calls made by kids dialing 911 tie up lines and cause police officers to follow faulty leads.

If someone does call 911 and then ends the call, the operator will attempt to call the number back. If no one answers the call back, the operator will take measures to track down the location of the phone that made the call. If you do accidentally dial 911 it is advised that you stay on the line and explain to the operator that there is no emergency.  With this, the call may either be dismissed or a police officer may swing by the area to make sure everything is okay.

However, this issue can be avoided in its entirety!! Through Recycling For Charities, instead of giving your old cell phone to your children, you can donate it and a charity of your choice will receive a monetary donation!

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