Reducing Our Usage of Plastic Bags

“Paper or Plastic?” is soon going to be a phrase of the past and the acronym B.Y.O.B. is soon going to have another meaning: Bring Your Own Bag.  Many states have begun encouraging their citizens to use re-usable bags and to support the proposal of a “bag law.”  A “bag law” would require citizens to pay a 5 cent or more fee if they did not bring a re-usable bag to the store.  The 5 cent or more per bag fee would be implemented for shoppers at grocery, drug, and liquor stores.  The “bag law” would also penalize offenders: if any store chose to exclude their customers from the law, they would face fines.

    Only some cities and states have recognized this issue and drafted plans.  They include: New York City, Connecticut, Maryland, Seattle, and Portland.  Outside of the United States, China has already reduced their usage of plastic bags by forbidding the usage of them in shops.  Retailers in China who continue to use them face heavy fines.  Thus, plastic bag usage has become passé and the “white pollution” has been virtually eradicated in the nation.  Other countries that are considering following in China foot-steps include:   Australia, Argentina, and Ireland.

    In other words…Choose to Re-Use!

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