The Next Dimension of Cell Phone Technology: Eco-Friendly Cell Phones

The next dimension of cell phone technology is upon us and it involves the introduction of innovative new products that are eco-friendly! Cell phone companies such as Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola are developing new cell phones that use environmentally friendly resources such as recycled plastic water bottles and solar power.

Nokia has introduced their idea for a phone called the Remade of which will be composed of recycled aluminum cans, plastic water bottles, and rubber key mats.

Samsung has introduced their idea for a F268 mobile phone that is composed of bioplastic (a form of plastic that is not derived from petroleum) and is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) free and BFR (brominated flame-retardant) free.  Samsung has also introduced the Blue Earth of which is solar-powered and thus has a much longer battery life than other cell phones. Motorola has introduced its Moto W233 Renew that is made from recycled plastic bottles and requires less charging than other phones.

To check out how your phone matches up in the eco-friendly category, take a look at this survey from Greenpeace. Greenpeace encourages electronics manufacturers to produce green products and then assigns the product a green grade. The less PVC and BFR content within a phone, the higher the green grade it will receive.

In the meantime as these new phones are being developed and put out on the market, you can still donate and recycle your cell phone through Recycling For Charities!  Donate to your favorite charity and remain eco-friendly in the process!

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