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Expansion and Implementation of Bottle Bills: Put In Your Two Cents

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

In America today, eleven states have implemented bottle bill legislation.  The bottle bills cause consumers to place a monetary deposit on the cans and bottles that they purchase and once they return those cans and bottles, the deposit is returned.  Typically, the bills were put into place as part of a litter abatement process.  Now, many states are looking to expand the reach of the bill to include items such as: water bottles, sports drinks, and juice containers.  They feel that expansion of their current bottle bills will cause less plastics and other resources of this nature to end up in landfills and will create green jobs as more workers will be needed at recycling facilities.

Others, such as manufacturers of sports drinks, are extremely opposed to expansion of bottle bills.  They are not in favor of increasing the amount consumers have to pay for their products, even if the consumer will have the money redeemed once they return the container.  They also state that the places people must take their containers to be recycled, typically grocery stores or large retail stores, create health hazards and take up unnecessary space within stores.

How do you feel about this; what is your two-cents on the situation?  Do you feel that it is best to protect our landfills and create green job by implementing/diversifying the contents of bottle bills?  Or do you feel that this should not be done because it will be too much hassle and we should focus on increasing the amount of curbside recycling available in our communities?

Steps Towards An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Have you been wondering what you can do to be more environmentally friendly?  You’re in luck, there are many things that you can do to decrease your negative impact on the Earth and many of these things can be done just by taking steps to change your previous practices!  Take a look at this list and start changing your practices today!

1) Reduce: one simple step you can take is to stop using paper for unnecessary things:  many times you could text yourself your grocery list on your cell phone instead of writing it down on a new sheet of paper.

2) Recycle: Make sure you are fully aware of items that can be recycled in your city and take full advantage of these options.

3) Reuse: Anytime you can get multiple uses out of an item, do it!  There are many things that can be remade into new items!  Check out this website for reuse ideas!

4) Turn it off: Whenever you leave a room turn off the lights and utilize the power-saver function on computers!  You would be surprised on how much energy and money this saves!

5) Shop local: Support local farmers and buy local products!  There is nothing better than using your money to support local businesses and to buy fresh foods.

6) Talk about it: Tell your friends, family, and anyone around you what you’re doing to be eco-friendly and how you feel about it.  Also, be the vocal consumer that encourages businesses to make eco-friendly practices a priority!

These steps are very simple and can create a world of difference!  Take the necessary steps and begin today!!

Plastic Bag Recycling; Don’t Throw Them Away!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

A few weeks ago, I created a blog post about a proposed “bag law” that many states in America were looking to implement.  The bag law would place a charge on each plastic bag used; in hopes of encouraging the usage of reusable bags, such as those made out of cloth.  Yet, I have noticed that many stores in my hometown are now encouraging their customers to recycle their used plastic bags.

Retailers on the fore-front of this operation include: Kroger, Meijer, and Wal-Mart.  Other retailers are also participating, to find out one located near you please visit this website.  These retailers accept all types of plastic bags including: produce bags, plastic retail bags, and tyvek.

Considering that worldwide an estimated 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter each year, we should start recycling them more often.  They can be recycled over and over and can be re-manufactured into other products such as jackets.  Thus, make the right decision and either recycle your plastic bags or choose to re-use!

And as always, here at Recycling For Charities (RFC) we encourage you to recycle your used cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, and PDAs!  The process is simple: print out a mailing label to send us your used devices and then select a charity of your choice to receive a monetary donation!  Donate today!

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