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Kodak Partners with Recycling for Charities

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Recycling for Charities has the privilege of announcing their partnership with Kodak in a joint effort to reduce electronic waste. Kodak will be sporting the Recycling for Charities logo on the front of their latest Kodak EasyShare M320 digital camera bundles. “This partnership is a testament to the benefit we provide as a charity and good corporate citizenship on the part of Kodak,” stated Dario Chiarini, President of Recycling for Charities. The new camera packages will make it as simple as possible for people to donate to charities. The outside will boast of the RFC connection and the inside will provide consumers with the paid postage label and the 3 easy steps to take.


What CAN You Do with Packing Peanuts?

Monday, November 16th, 2009

So we all know that we should be doing everything we can to reduce, reuse and recycle. We all recognize the little triangle with some number on the bottom of our plastics. Unfortunately, according to, while 80 percent of Americans have access to plastics recycling programs in some form, finding one that actually accepts our daily hard-to-recycle items is sometimes harder than we anticipate.

Instead, we should be getting creative. Think outside of the leftover box and find something crafty to do with those piled up CD cases! Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Medicine Bottles-

After you have finished your prescription, be sure to wash your bottles with antibacterial soap and warm water. After that, the sky’s the limit with the types of organizers you can make with these different size bottles.

  • From mini sewing kits to handy purse size first aid kits, they are easily labeled and can fit in tight spaces. If you are looking to organize a whole drawer or just a section of it, glue them together, or glue the bottoms to a piece of cardboard to keep them upright.
  • Watering Tool- The petite, tube-like structure of a medicine bottle is perfect for watering your plants. Just take off the cap, poke a hole in the bottom and push it into the soil. When your plant is thirsty, simply fill the bottle with water, and it will leak out at a slow and appropriate rate. Use more than one bottle for larger plants. Also, don’t forget to organize your gardening kit! Medicine bottles can also be used to store seeds as the container is designed to protect its contents from light and moisture.


Energy Pavement Lights up the Streets

Friday, November 13th, 2009

As you are walking down city streets, little attention is ever paid to the pavement that you are walking on. Throughout the day, one single piece of pavement can be stepped on upwards to 50,000 times. Now think about if all 50,000 of those steps hitting the pavement could generate energy. This would be able to supply enough energy to be distributed to nearby lights, traffic controls, information displays and much more. This is exactly what Pavegen, a new product from Pavegen Systems Ltd., is capable of doing.

With a small flex of 5mm, the Pavegen is absorbs the kinetic energy from every footstep which creates 2.1 watts of electricity per hour. Every time the rubber Pavegen is stepped on the kinetic energy is absorbed and either stored in polymer lithium batteries or dispersed throughout the city. A whole bus station can stay illuminated the whole night by the energy generated from just five Pavegen slabs in high foot traffic area.


Recycling for Charities & Detroit’s Eastern Market

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

The smart car and Recycling for Charities made an appearance at Detroit’s Eastern Market on Saturday November 7th, 2009. Recycling for Charities and Eastern Market partnered up to hold an e-waste recycling drive for the public. Set up behind shed 5 of Eastern Market, Recycling for Charities had the smart car on display as the public stop by to donate old cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, and MP3 players.
RFC at Eastern Market

The electronics were accepted whether they were in working condition or not. For each item donated, Eastern Market will receive a monetary donation to be used towards their organization. Many of these electronics either end up in landfills polluting the environment or are stored around the house somewhere collecting dust.

While at Eastern Market, Recycling for Charities was given the chance to not only receive electronics to be recycled but also the opportunity to interact with the public. The smart car was on display catching the attention of the crowd as they walked by. People then became curious and began coming to the table to find out more about Recycling for Charities.

As the old electronic devices were being collected consumers were being taught exactly why it is important to recycle electronics and the harm of e-waste. Many of them were unaware of the problems caused by e-waste and that they could be a part of the solution. They soon realized that they were not only donating to Eastern Market for a good cause, but also doing the environment a favor by reducing e-waste.
RFC at Eastern Market

Overall, 43 items were collected to be recycled for a monetary value that will go directly back to Eastern Market. Recycling for Charities would like to thank everyone who stopped by to donate and learn more about the organization. Also, we would especially like to thank Eastern Market for their support and hospitality, which allowed this drive to be successful. Hopefully, in the near future Recycling for Charities and Eastern Market can partner up again to put on another e-waste recycling drive.

Environmental Theme Park takes Recycling for a Ride

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

The world’s first environmental theme park uses music, art, and prizes to get the public thinking green. Global Inheritance, an environmental non-profit organization has inspired a fun and educational eco-out reach. Where could this wonderland exist? Oh, just Hollywood Highland right in the heart of the most popular L.A shopping mall! No matter what your interests are Enviromentaland has got you covered. They’ve proved that green can grow in all areas of our lives whether it’s in our music, movies, games, art, fitness, or education.

What kind of games you ask? One of Enviromentaland’s most popular games called, Recycled Paper Plane Shoot Out was inspired by artist M.I.A’s song, Paper Planes. It gives visitors a chance to answer questions from an environmental test to earn points. Once the quiz is completed the paper becomes the contestant’s paper airplane to hit a huge bull’s-eye. Winners receive festival tickets, Fuel TV skate decks and more.


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